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I Don’t Have a Valentine & I’m Okay

(images left to right via: Gimme Flair,, Little Arrow) Sure, having a valentine is great and all, but so is  being alone. If you aren’t happy with yourself, you won’t be happy with someone else. Being in a relationship can sometimes act as a crutch for people who are insecure about themselves. But the great thing about… Continue reading I Don’t Have a Valentine & I’m Okay


How I’m Getting Back on Track

(via: Tone It Up) Hiya Lovelies! One of my goals for 2017 is to really put my health first. I haven’t been happy with my body image and have developed a bad relationship with food since graduating college in 2015. I have been working out consistently for the past year and while I feel better… Continue reading How I’m Getting Back on Track


Last Minute Gift Ideas

I know I’m not alone. The holiday season is packed full of busy schedules sometimes things slip through the cracks.. but fear not! If you’re last minute shopping and can’t seem to find much of anything for anyone, here’s some quick last minute gift ideas to inspire you!