Last Minute Gift Ideas


image via: Boxwood Clippings

If you’re anything like me, you are a Procrastinator (with a capital ‘P’). Sometimes things slip through the cracks, even if it’s something important sayyyyy Christmas gifts for your family. (AHHH!) Lucky for you, I’ve run into this a few times in my college days. Below are some last minute gift ideas that are simple, quick, don’t break the bank, but still add a personal touch from you!


Gift Sets

images left to right via: Sugar and CharmStyle Me Pretty, & Fox Blossom Co

The best part about gift sets is that you can either buy and give one that is already made, or you can create your own! One year I bought three different gift sets. One was perfume, another nail polish and the last makeup. I then divided the sets so that each friend would get a more personalized gift set that included each product. Another way to approach gift sets is to build upon a theme such as movie night or spa night.


Baked Goods

images left to right via: Celebrating Everyday LifeCelebrate Creativity, & Gardenista

You can’t go wrong with a homemade recipe and a cute wrap job! Click the links under the pictures for the recipes above or if you have your own banging homemade recipe get to baking! Baked goods are great because not only is it coming from you, but baking a huge batch to give to multiple people saves you some money! Spend some extra time dressing up the packaging too (that’s my favorite part)!


DIY Gifts

images left to right via: The DIY MommyThe Crafted Life, & Inspired by Charm

DIY is very personal and therefore makes a great holiday present! My younger sister chooses one DIY project and replicates it across the board for all of her friends and family. The links under the above pictures lead to a knitted blanket, tattooed ornaments, and homemade bath bombs! There are also a lot of cool things you can do with mason jars and picture frames. Click through to my Pinterest Board for more DIY Ideas!

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